Maternity Photography

Maternity portraits are there to document the incredible miracle that your body is going through to create your precious little baby.

I am devoted to capturing you in your true essence and beauty. Pregnancy is such an incredible blessing and you never know if you will get live through this journey again. Capture these moments while they are here and have something to pass down to your children for them to cherish.

I am based in Rotorua but am happy to travel. Whether you would like your maternity session in the comfort of your own home or along a beach at dusk. 

To make the most of your investment, I like to shoot outdoor photos at the last few hours of the day when the light is soft and flattering. Indoor sessions will usually occur in the morning around 9/10.30am.

Packages start from $600.

For more information on pricing and availability please get in touch.

Maternity Gallery


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